Why We Love Donnie Kane:

Donnie Kane is an aspiring Southern California photographer, usually spending his time shooting at the beach or mountains of Southern California. A SoCal native, he quickly grew up with a love for the ocean and began capturing it all on his first GoPro in the 7th grade.

Donnie has been fortunate enough to travel around the world. He's been to places like; Iceland, Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii, and even parts of Europe. From surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, or even wakeboarding, Donnie always found himself with a camera in hand, capturing every second. That slowly evolved into a more serious art form. In high school he upgraded from a GoPro to a Canon T5i DSLR. He used it mostly to make YouTube Videos with his friends, but became fascinated with the photography side of things. A year later he invested in a heavy-duty water housing so he could capture moments in the ocean, which is his favorite nature setting to shoot.

"No two waves are similar, each has its own unique shape and style and that's why I love it. If I'm not taking photos of the ocean, or skating at the skatepark, then I'm definitely chillin' with my dog, Oakley." - Donnie Kane 


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