Why We Love Fox & Fern Botanicals:

A US based botanical company specializing in holistic plant-based skincare, alcohol free herbal remedies and therapeutic Aromatherapy.
Fox + Fern Botanicals hand craft each item using only sustainably sourced and organic ingredients.
What they put in their products matters. They believe in ethical harvesting practices and regenerative farming methods. We collaborated with Fox & Fern to create an exclusive wellness bundle for our customers that we know will benefit their mind, body, and soul.
Meet the Founders of Fox & Fern
Meghan McMunn & Annie Cottrill believe that self-care is the corner stone of overall health & wellness. Both women are in recovery & on a mission to make remedies of self-care products to help benefit the recovery community. They want to share the gifts that they have received through working with plants with the greater community.

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