Origin Story

Conscious Minimalist was shaped on the idea of creating a community of like-minded people with like-minded products.

In June 2020, we created a Conscious Community for our customers to know that they can find high quality products that are ethically sourced, sustainable, and environmentally conscious.

The key concept of being a Conscious Minimalist is being intentional about what you purchase and the impact that it has, everything in moderation.

Our tree is planted in Southern California but our roots run deep. We believe that going digital is a more sustainable means of business & we can have a larger reach for our Conscious Customers.

We are grass roots funded and not backed by any large corporations or investors. Our focus is on empowering our communities to make more sustainable choices, and not sacrificing our ecosystem for profits.

As part of our Conscious Promise, with each purchase we proudly donate to non-profits and environmentally focused organizations to help preserve natural environments and ecosystems. 

Welcome to Conscious Minimalist, your home for sustainability and Eco-empowerment. #BeConscious

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