Why We Love SAOLA Shoes:

They are outdoor lovers and dedicated to making a difference. They are challenging the norms, asking the tough questions, and continually looking for better solutions. It’s not easy, but if it were, everyone would be doing it, right?


Each year, over 25 billion pairs of shoes are made, making footwear a major contributor to the textile industry’s status of world’s second largest polluter. Because 70% of the carbon footprint of a pair of shoes comes from the materials and production, that is where we are first focusing our efforts, by utilizing recycled and bio-based materials and optimizing the production process.

Their Materials:

  • Recycled Plastic Bottles (PET)
  • Algae Foam in the out soles
  • Recycled EVA
  • Organic Cotton for shoe laces
  • Cork in the insoles  



Over the last 40 years, the planet has lost over half its wildlife, and only a very small amount of philanthropic dollars are dedicated to its conservation. But there are a lot of hard-working organizations out there working tirelessly to change that and we are committed to supporting them. One percent of SAOLA sales are donated to wildlife conservation projects, so that in another 40 years, our planet’s animals aren’t a thing of the past.


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