Solo Eyewear

Why We Love Solo Eyewear:

Sunglasses that you don’t have to sacrifice style for quality. Not only are Solo Sunglasses made from repurposed wood and Bamboo, but they are also helping contribute to a clearer vision for the future. Solo Eyewear helps restore peoples vision and giving them the gift of sight.

Conscious Minimalist: Our picks are from the repurposed wood and bamboo collection. We wanted to give our conscious customer a variety of sustainably stylish choices.

Solo Sunglasses

They create environmentally responsible sunglasses that restore vision for people in need. They strongly believe in living a life of adventure and inspiring individuals to change the world.

Solo sunglasses give back by helping restore eyesight, Respecting the Planet, and having ethically sourced products.

Restoring Eyesight

80% of the world’s blindness is preventable. By donating 10% of their profits, SOLO Eyewear has restored vision for 13,000+ people in need through the funding of eye exams, eyeglasses and cataract surgeries.

Through partnerships with Aravind Eye Care System and Restoring Vision, SOLO’s sight restoring efforts have reached 32 countries to date.

Respecting our Planet

Each pair of SOLOsTM is constructed using repurposed bamboo or recycled plastic which reduces our carbon footprint and prevents hundreds of pounds of virgin materials from being produced each year.

 In addition, they repurpose packing materials and defective sunglasses for parts as well as actively recycle

Sourced Ethically

They work exclusively with manufacturers who have undergone and passed a comprehensive audit conducted by an American based auditing company. The audit reviews the manufacturer’s worker protection and health management, maintenance issue management, fire and emergency management and chemical management.

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